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    Hello, fellow Glory Fans!
    We welcome you to join us for our second official QZGS Big Bang!

    Originally, we did not intend to hold this event again until next year at the earliest. However, by popular demand, we are back at it again! We understand this is a trying time for everyone and we are all seeking refuge in fandom, so we have prepared yet another event schedule for you, spanning from May to October. Only the Gods of Glory know whether things will be more or less back to normal by then. But regardless, we hope to provide you with some fun to take your mind off this truly surreal situation.

    We will be following the same basic guidelines as in QZGSBB 2019. Last year was a real learning experience, so in 2020, we will aim to outdo ourselves and be even more efficient. :)

    Please check the FAQ, rules, and schedule pages for more info.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Need to know

    What is a Big Bang?
    A lot of fics and fanart, produced and posted in abundance to flood the fandom with affection!

    Fics and fanart of what kind?
    Any kind you like! Characters, themes, ships, it’s all up to you. All fics will be at least 7k words long and artists will produce fanart based on the submitted fics.

    How do I participate?
    Just read the rules and schedule, then sign up using one of the three forms linked on the homepage.

    Any special requirements?
    As long as you’re dedicated, you should be good, but we will require your alias and your email address, and ideally you should have either a Tumblr account or an AO3 account, since these are our two main platforms for posting. We will be offering generalized updates and reminders through Tumblr and Twitter, and more specific ones via email.

    Can I back out at any time?
    Pretty much, but try not to wait until the last minute to do so. We’d also prefer it if you didn’t disappear on us; just tell us if you no longer want to participate.

    For Writers

    Is there a maximum/minimum word count for writers?
    The minimum is 7000, and there is no maximum. Go wild.

    Can I choose the artist who draws for my fic?
    No, artist claims are blind. Artists will decide who to draw for based on the provided fic summaries, but you won’t know who’s been assigned your fic until we tell you.

    Can I submit a previously published fic?
    Nope! Brand new works only. Never before seen, fresh to death, etc.

    Can I submit more than one fic?
    Of course!

    For Artists

    How much art will I be expected to contribute?
    At least one artwork per fic! If you want, you can do more. You can also volunteer to draw for more than one fic or serve as a substitute artist for dropouts.

    What counts as art?
    Digital/traditional drawings, digital/traditional paintings, fanvids, graphics, GIFs, fanmixes… Just about anything counts, as long as it’s obviously artistic, original to you (you’re the one who made it), and obviously based on your assigned writer’s fic.

    Speaking of assignments, can I chose the writer I draw for?
    No, artist claims are blind. You will decide who to draw for based on the provided fic summaries, but you won’t know who is writing what.

    Can I submit previously published artwork?
    Nope! Brand new works only. Never before seen, fresh to death, etc.

    For Beta Readers

    So what’s my part in all this?
    Beta readers will be asked to do one or any combination of the following three things: (1) read and review; (2) edit; and (3) provide in-depth feedback and guidance to the writer. But the nature of your contribution is ultimately up to you! If we don’t have something for you to do right away, we will put you on “standby” and hope you will continue to be available for when someone needs you.

    More Questions?

    If your question isn’t answered here, in the rules, or the schedule, please feel free to stop by our ask box on Tumblr (@gloryproalliance), shoot us an email ([email protected]), poke us on Discord (Glory Pro Alliance#5304), or DM us on Twitter (@qzgs_gpa).

    Hint hint: email is the fastest and most reliable way to contact us!


    • Be respectful of the participants’ works. Kindly appreciate the amount of time and effort they put into it.

    • Be respectful of your partner’s (artist or writer) work. Be grateful for their contribution!

    • Fics must be at least 7K words long and completed. Sequels and other installments are welcome afterward.

    • Chaptered fics are allowed, though they will have to follow a special posting schedule.

    • No straight-up crack fics. But a little crackish flavor is acceptable.

    • OCs are allowed so long as they are not main characters, but crossovers aren’t; QZGS characters only. You can put them in other series’ universes, though!

    • Participants are encouraged to post on either AO3, Tumblr, or Twitter (in the case of artists). You can post anonymously on AO3.

    • Participants must submit their works in the right collection and under the right tags. Our AO3 collection is QZGS Big Bang 2020, and our tags on both Tumblr and Twitter are #qzgsbb and #qzgsbb2020. The tag on AO3 is QZGS Big Bang 2020.

    • All works, whether fic or art, must be brand new, never before seen, never previously published.

    • Works must not be published anywhere until the assigned posting date.



    SignupsMay 20th - June 20th
    Summary SubmissionsJune 22nd - June 30th
    Artist ClaimsJuly 6th - 8th
    Pair-Up AssignmentsJuly 12th
    First Check-InJuly 15th
    Second Check-InAugust 15th
    Third Check-InSeptember 15th
    Draft SubmissionsSeptember 21st
    Final Submission DeadlineSeptember 28th
    Posting AssignmentsSeptember 30th
    PostingOctober 15th -30th


    Signups: May 20th - June 20th
    Signups will occur via Google forms. Necessary information will include your alias as well as your email address. Further instructions will be sent to your email upon acceptance of your application.

    Summary Submissions: June 22nd - 30th
    Writers are to send in their fic summaries (including title, warnings, ships, etc.) via Google forms for the purpose of artist claims. Summaries should be no more than 120 words (excluding tags).

    Artist Claims: July 6th - 8th
    Artists will be sent the list of fic summaries for perusal and will submit their top three choices via Google forms. Claims will be assigned on a first come, first served basis.

    Pair-Up Assignments: July 12th
    Artists will be notified of their assignments. It will be up to the artists to establish contact with their writing partners. If difficulties occur at any point, please contact us.
    Beta readers will be assigned randomly upon writer request. Naturally, writers are not required to accept only assigned beta readers; anyone may beta-read the work so long as the content is not released for public consumption before the event concludes.

    First Check-In: July 15th

    Second Check-In: August 15th

    Third Check-In: September 15th

    Draft Submissions: September 21st
    Writers will submit their rough drafts via email as well as the accompanying artwork from their artists. If, at this stage, the works are still a ways from completion, we will request a self-assigned deadline from participants (the latest being September 28th) and will check in one last time on that date. Accommodations will be made on a case-by-case basis, but keep in mind that if the work is not completed by September 28th, we reserve the right to exclude participants’ incomplete works from the event.
    This is the last chance for writers to request beta readers.

    Final Submission Deadline: September 28th

    Posting Assignments: September 30th
    We will assign dates during the month of October for participants to post their works.

    Posting: October 15th - 30th
    Writers and artists will submit their works where possible (AO3, Tumblr, Twitter). Links to the accompanying artwork/fanfiction must be included.